Common Escort Names

Choosing an escort name may seem to be straightforward when you start working in the escort industry. Nevertheless, as easy as it may seem, it can turn out to be a tricky affair. Your escort name says a lot about you, your services and skills, and generally forms the basis of how your clients will perceive you.

Most popular escort names

A blog posted on Escort Design showed a list of top escort working names from websites they host. Many other search results on various blogs and board posts have all revealed these names to be the most common among female escorts: Jessica, Nikki, Tiffany, Sarah, Olivia, Lola, Taylor, Jasmine, Ashley, Victoria, Jennifer, Chloe, Amy, and Violet. They are popular escorts’ names, especially in English speaking countries. While some of these are normal and common female names, there is something attractive to them. They are somewhat more sexy and feminine than average, something clients all expect.

Are these names deliberate?

How can we tell? Well, while a name like Jessica is common among escorts, it’s no surprise because it’s also popular among all females in general. However, take a name like ‘Brielle’ and you find that there aren’t many out there. But escorts highly pick this name. With such a high percentage, Brielle is the most likely name to be chosen by escorts, given how rare it is in normal life. Another name is Crystal. Whether you spell it Crystal or Cristal, Chrystal, and Krystle meaning “ice or clear,” it’s a girl’s name that gained its popularity in 1980. Influenced by the personality of Krystle Carrington in the US drama series “Dynasty,” Crystal is one of the most popular names among escorts.

Here is the list of names that are likely to be vastly used by many escorts as their ‘working’ names:
• Brielle
• London
• Krystal
• Scarlet
• Gia
• Belle
• Roxy
• Lacy
• Elle
• Layla
• Eden
• Angelina
• Sasha
• Alana
• Savannah
• Lana
• Lacey
• Bailey
• Princess
• Roxanne
• Carly

Not surprisingly, the above names look more unusual and feminine than the list of common names. They look like the holder is on to something. It’s also interesting when we compare them with adult film star names. Popular names such as Kandi, Diamond, Honey, Cindy, Stormy, Capri, Barbie, Rikki, Roxy, and Aspen are so common in these films according to Nametrix. Clearly there are overlaps between the industries, but the escorts’ names appear to be more subtle and feminine instead of just catchy sexpot names.

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