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"Joe Diamo is a highly accomplished drummer/ percussionist, pianist and vocalist. He works regularly as a solo artist; in duos with many fine musicians (as drummer and pianist/vocalist); and in quartet and sextet settings as a drummer with the legendary pianist Joe Bonner."

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Audio Samples

Joe at the piano.

Night and Day

The Lady is a Tramp

Presence Dialogues

A Presence Dialogue is an approach to communication in which participants tune into a frequency of consciousness, a quality of listening, beyond the personal level, with the accent on the novelty of the present moment.

We tap into a field in which we are, at best, conduits for the deeper intuitive intelligence of the heart.

They can be found at: Joe Diamo Youtube Presence Dialogues.

The Word

The logos, or the word, is an ancient concept indicating the current, prior to thought, that is the creative principle of the universe and the deepest reality of who we are.

(My guest, Annam, was awakened to the divine word at the age of seven. At seventeen, revelatory spiritual experiences increased this capacity and began her lifelong commitment to God-centered awareness. After awakening to unity consciousness in her early twenties, life revolved around meditation, contemplation, and independent spiritual inquiry until her mind became fully accessible to the emanating spirit of divine counsel.)

Transpersonal Negative Entities, and the Purification Of Our Being Through Love

Love, in the sense of agape, or spiritual love, love as the core reality and transformative agent of consciousness.

See Joe's video channel from Freud Media Productions on Vimeo.